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Our trained and talented staff can assist with event planning whether at your home, the Kali Kate Event Center, Creekside Pavilion, or other location. We can help you determine the quantities you will need, and assist in selecting the varieties of beer, spirits, and set ups to make your event successful. We deliver and pick up kegs. We want to here from you our Email: cedarvalleyspirits@gmail.com


Store Manager James Kennedy

James Kennedy has been the manager at Cedar Valley Spirits since 2006. Prior to that, he has done everything from being a private investigator to being the primary chef at a string of high end restaurants. He is and always has been a member of numerous local wine tasting groups and an active member in the local culinary scene.
At Cedar Valley Spirits James strives to create a comfortable atmosphere for customers, whether it be a connoisseur hunting for a special champagne for a special occasion or a customer looking for a decent sparkling for mimosas. James strives to have a great selection of wines, both domestic and international. We have wines in all price ranges for every type of customer.
James gives excellent advice customers about which wines to pair with particular foods. If you describe a wine you like, he can recommend several that are similar. If you describe a characteristic or flavor that puts you off, he can usually identify it and recommend what types or styles to avoid. He tries to make buying and tasting wines very accessible and non intimidating.
James meets with sales representatives daily to sample new offerings of wine, spirits and beers. He reads constantly about new trends and surrounds himself with like minded friends. So, even though he is not a big craft beer drinker, he solicits input from big craft beer drinkers and can compare and contrast each beer offering. He insures Cedar Valley has the ingredients of any new “hot” cocktails or craft beers as well as a good selection of what ever the new spirit trend is. He adds new wines, beers and spirits each week so the inventory is constantly evolving. What ever the item, he selects it carefully, he chooses an item either as best in class or as a great value wine.